To start on a very conventional way... "We are a gay couple"... We live together since four years, although we have met more than 4 years ago. We are a mixture of one Pole - GummIan, and one Portuguese - Vicfetish. Well, it is working quite nicely considering the differences from all kind, as you can imagine. Although mainly living in Poland (Warsaw), and Portugal (Lisbon), our time is shared between other places in Europe.

When we met, this part of "fetish" was not really important. We just decided to be together and care of this question later on. Since then we are playing with our fantasies. From Leather, to Rubber passing through Ass-play and FF.

Our sexual playgrounds are usually made of a mix of Rubber and Leather, corresponding to our mutual own preferences. We are still exploring the different ways to play, the numerous pleasures that we may exchange, when a relationship is enough open to let go of prejudices. In the meantime, we are trying to get more experience with third parties. This kind of step is natural to happen.

We are building our corner of fun. Step by step, we are furnishing our dedicated room with all the toys, accessories and set. We decided to undertake another construction together: this site - bcomfetish. This site is also a search for new friends. Guys into leather/rubber scene sharing the same interests.

So feel free to leave your thoughts in our "Guest Book" and, have fun!