I'm 27 y.o. (181/71) guy, born in the North of Poland. I am crazy about rubber and leather. I started getting pleasure from the touch and smell of rubber when I was a teen. You know - this crazy feeling of wearing gloves, neoprene diving suits or army rubber suits, which, luckily, I had at home. At that time I promised to myself that I would enjoy more and more... So today I realize my needs.


What mainly turns me on is rubber. More rubber=more fun! Being completely covered in a rubber suit is totally un replaceable. The top. This special feeling of being dressed in rubber, its touch, enjoying the slippery and tasting it. There is as well the question of visual pleasure. A rubbered guy, is loosing his personality - becoming a fantastic object, kind of a creature. In the same way I am changing as well. Loosing my mind, my real me. That's the moment to become someone (or something) different then we are. Masks are natural part of this process. Rubber mask, gas mask or realistic mask. There is also leather. Naturally enhancing the hard part of our personality. Like an armor, nicer for "strong" fun. I love bikers in their sport leather suits. Yes, I do not have a bike and I am not planning to. But anyway, I love the sexuality of the gear.


I am mainly top, maybe because I have much more experience of domination. But playing with the right and known guy, I can take advantage of "being down". If someone really know how to behave like a top is supposed to - I can go on my knees and find myself well into "puppy" fun even. But in serious ass-playing and fist fucking I am top!. Speaking about FF, I know more how to give pleasure than how to take it (at least nobody was complaining up to now). I never truly gave my ass for fist. Who knows maybe someday? Poppers? Absolutely YES.